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Twenty Mile House Wedding Photography for Tamara and Scott

by Scott and Monique


Monique and I recently had the pleasure of photographing Tamara and Scott’s wedding at the classic Twenty Mile House near Graeagle in the Sierra mountains north of Truckee, CA. I always have liked this venue. It is a historic lodge and train stop along the Yuba River pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There is the vintage general store, which serves as the backdrop for the cocktail hour, the main house with lots of big mirrors and dark wood where the bride can get ready, cabins for guests to stay in, and a large grassy area surrounding a dance floor covered with twinkle lights for the evening’s entertainment.  But that wasn’t the best part about this particular wedding we shot there. The best part was the bride and groom. When we met way back when in Truckee, I knew we were going to be a good match when Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica somehow came up in the first few minutes of our conversation!

These guys make their living in the Merchant Marine, spending 6 months or more a year traveling the world on large ships, often separated, and live in a tricked out Airstream trailer when they are back home. They brought it to their wedding, and we did some fun portraits with them in it during the reception. They were a pleasure to work with, surrounded by loving friends and family and I never laughed so hard as I did during her dad’s toast.

Tamara and Scott are our kind of people. Among the gags brought out during the speeches were Marvin the Martian, Star Trek shirts (including jokes about the red shirts) and a baby mobile with spaceships and miniature beer bottles among other things.

Tamara and Scott work on the high seas most of the year, so this tricked out Airstream is their home when on dry land.

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