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Squaw Valley Winter Wedding in the snow

by Scott Sady

I have been very lax about keeping up with my blog posts lately. If any of you read Monique’s post about what we do in our spare time, you might have guessed that I have been in a kayaking frenzy between weddings. In truth, I was out in Colorado competing in some freestyle kayaking competitions between weddings in June for about 3 weeks. That put me horribly behind, so now after a week handcuffed to the ol’ macintosh, I am pretty much caught up and have time to start getting some blogs out.

This wedding was shot all the way back in April. Reanna and Daniel wanted nothing more than to have a small intimate wedding at Squaw Valley, then go snowboarding and take some pictures. I knew this was going to be fun. Monique decided to tag along and go skiing while I shot the wedding. Well as the fates would have it, it was a roaring blizzard that day at Squaw. 100+ mph winds and driving snow shut down the mountain, so we improvised a bit. This was a short, fun 4 hour wedding featuring Reanna and Daniel and their two chiuauas. I wonder what they thought about the snow….

wedding dress detail photo

Wedding dress detail photo

Bride putting on makeup

Reanna gets ready in the village at Squaw Valley

locket detail photograph

Detail shot of a family keepsake

bride walking through snow

Heading throw the blizzard into the chapel at Squaw Valley

dogs in wedding

wedding portraits in the snow at squaw valley

Portaits in the blizzard out behind plumpjacks at Squaw Valley

wedding portraits

Using the door of plumpjacks as a softbox for some indoor wedding portraits

squaw valley bridal portrait

Bridal portrait of Reanna using the cool lighting at plumjack inn in Squaw Valley

bride and groom in snow

Pictures in the snow out behind plumpjacks

After only a few minutes shooting in the snow we were all covered, and the couple asked for a picture with Monique and I. This one was a real adventure with all the wind and driving snow, but right up my alley.

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