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Tahoe North Shore Wedding

by Scott Sady

As promised, I am doing my best to catch up on my blog posts from recent weddings. I know how important it is to see current work and not just a stale library of lucky shots. We have fortunately been really busy lately. The last two days I shot an 8 hour wedding and then a 10 hour wedding. Now my knees are on strike, and I am thankfully relegated to the computer for some much needed catch-up.

Before this post, I edited my last three weddings. About halfway through the second wedding, I noticed my cheeks hurt. I had been inadvertently locked in a smile for the last couple of hours while going through the best of my images, and re-living the moments they represent. That is one reason this job is so great. If I, for all intensive purposes an impartial observer, smile, laugh and get emotional remembering the moments and emotions behind my images, I can only hope that each of my couples find their reaction that much stronger. After all, they are deeply, emotionally tied to the people and events in my pictures. That, in a nutshell, is my job. Your wedding goes by so fast that you really don’t know what happened. If, when looking back at your photographs, a floodgate of memories and emotions opens up, I have just done my job.

Alright, enough squishyness already. These next photos are from a super couple who had their ceremony in a park on the beach in Sunnyside, and the reception at the Chateaux golf and country club in Incline Village. There were great to work with and the beginning of my two weeks of tongue-twisting names. Meet Clare and Carl. They were referred to me by a Grass Valley couple who’s wedding I shot the following weekend, Andrea and Andrew. Of course, they were preceded by Christina and Chris.

garter wedding photo

Getting ready

wedding detail shot

Something old….

groomsmen photograph at lake tahoe

The groom and his guys on a pier at Sunnyside in Lake Tahoe

Wedding ceremony at lake tahoe

From the ceremony site in a park next to Sunnyside

They had a cool vespa

bride on a vespa

Heading out on the vespa

This is a beach at lake tahoe on a saturday in summer, and no, I’m not telling where it is.

lake tahoe bridal portrait

In the middle of our portraits, the veil just blew off and landed right in front of me.

Dad’s speech

Maid of

Maid of honor’s speech

Their group packed the dancefloor most of the night

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Reno, Nevada