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Santa Cruz Mountains “shotgun wedding” for Adelia and Dave

Shotgun wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains

By Monique

Adelia and Dave got married on June 20th at Adelia’s family home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in a clearing surrounded by towering redwood trees. It was an intimate gathering with their immediate families. Adelia is working on her PhD at UC Santa Cruz studying the ancient bristlecone pines in the White Mountains, and she and Dave decided that this year would be the right timing for starting their family. So after a few winter months of trying, she got pregnant and is due with a baby girl in October. I have known her for many, many years. I think that one of my first memories of her was from when I was a college kid working as the year book advisor for our little mountain school C.T. English, and she was a 7th grader at a dance I was photographing, who was reluctantly dancing with her twin brother Dan. I told her back then that she would someday actually like her brother, and it is true, they now have a great friendship! Another reason this wedding is dear to me is that my sister is married to Adelia’s other brother Cliff, and so, I consider their whole family like mine as well. It was truly an honor to be included among this small group of people celebrating Adelia and Dave’s marriage.

An artichoke in the garden next to the ceremony site, and the pet ducks that roam the property during the day

My adorable niece Lyla checking out some pretty shoes, and a classic expression on Adelia’s face as she gets into her dress. I love this shot because Adelia is not really a fancy-dress-up kinda girl, so, to me, this photo captures a great, very honest moment!

Their dad’s played along with the “shotgun wedding” theme for a few photos!

The outdoor ceremony with a towering redwood as the “altar.”

Adelia and Dave outside their yurt

Dave and Adelia in the family vineyard at sunset

Deviled duck eggs, and raspberries with balsamic vinegar and goat cheese on endives

Adelia’s mother’s china was used for the place settings, and my sister Nanette made the dessert, fresh strawberry tiramisu with home made lady fingers dipped in coffee, layered in a decadent home made sauce

dinner was intimate and family style on the lawn, incorporating some of their own garden’s bounty like roasted beets

I couldn’t resist throwing in a few shots with my niece Lyla, her cousin Julian who is one month older than she is, and my 3 and a half year old nephew Rowan

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