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Photography by Monique voted Best of 2010 by The Knot brides

By Monique

Thank you to all of our past brides for voting for us to be listed as one of the Best of Weddings on The Knot! Scott and I absolutely LOVE our  jobs, and we are honored to have received this distinction.

The wedding season will kick into full swing here in the Tahoe area within the next few weeks. But first, I will make a quick trip down to Los Angeles for a Saturday May 15 wedding at the Pacific Palms Resort. Then, at least one of us is booked solid almost every weekend through September. We will try very hard to keep this blog updated with our most recent weddings. (Scott still has a few winter weddings to post!) But it is a challenge to fit it in when we are also kayaking, backpacking, biking and “yogifying!”

Part of the reason we absolutely LOVE our jobs is because it allows us to work on the weekends and play during the week. Sure, we have to sit at the computer  A LOT doing post production editing, building coffee table albums, following up, blogging, etc, but we choose when to do it! So, often times, we’ll be out all day playing, and then come home for an evening computer session.

Since we usually post weddings, engagement sessions and family photography sessions on this blog, I thought I’d make todays’ post about some of the non wedding stuff that we love to do in our free time. It is fun to share this stuff with people as well as our professional work.

Here are some of the awesomely fun things we have planned for this year: After taking 2nd place in the 7th annual Reno River Festival’s Men’s open freestyle kayaking competition last Friday, Scott will be hitting part of the Men’s pro competition tour in Colorado for 2 weeks in June. He started kayaking about 4 years ago in our local Truckee River white water park in downtown Reno, and has been learning more tricks every season!

I will be attending 2 different yoga retreat/festivals. One is a week long retreat at Esalen, located along the Big Sur Coast. And the other is Wanderlust, a music and yoga festival located at Squaw Valley at the end of July. While I don’t have a regularly scheduled class right now teaching yoga, I still sub here and there around town, and I am always available for brides who want to book a pre wedding yoga class with either the entire wedding party, or just the girls! (Call or email me if you are interested in this.)

We plan to do a few different backpacking trips this summer somewhere in the Sierras, but still need to sit down with the maps and pick a route. Last year we did an off trail route along the Minarets, the year before we did Dana Meadows to Thousand Island Lake. Any suggestions for this year out there?

And the grand finale of the summer is always our trip out to the Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festival. This year’s theme is Metropolis, and our great friends Yvette and Gregg bought a 1974 Harley Davidson golf cart that we have been working on converting into a “vintage taxi cab with an Eastern twist” to bring as our first ever mutant vehicle art car.

If you’d like to see more of our non wedding photography, visit Scott’s outdoor adventure photography website. He has a lot of galleries on the site, and you can also go to the stock image search and type in whatever you are looking for to see many of the amazing photographs we have had the opportunities to capture over the years.

We hope this summer brings all of you many fun outdoor adventures too!


By coming in 2nd in the open competition on Friday, Scott advanced to the Pro competition on Saturday at the Reno River Festival Twenty Ten.

Our backpacking trip last summer.

The art car we are working on for this year’s Metropolis themed Burning Man.

Some of the details we created on our mutant vehicle taxi cab, including an altar on the “dashboard,” hand painted black and white checkers, and the tassels to match!

When you take a ride in our taxi, you get in, and then you get out!

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