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Lake Tahoe wedding on a sailboat for Katie and Josh

Lake Tahoe sailboat wedding photography

By Monique

What a fun day it was when Katie and Josh got married on the dock at the Tahoe City Marina, followed by a sunset cruz on Tahoe Sailing Charter‘s 50 foot mono hull sailboat, The Tahoe Cruz. I grew up in a sailing family spending weekends on my grandparents’ boat in the San Francisco Bay, and enjoying several bareboat sailing vacations in the Caribbean, so when Katie told me about their plans, I was really excited! I have done a ton of weddings and receptions on different motor boat yachts on Tahoe, but to be on a sailboat, that actually sailed and didn’t motor, that was a rare treat!

I met Katie and Josh at the house they were staying at in Dollar Point for a bit of getting ready before heading to the marina for the ceremony. It was a very, very windy day, and I suggested that we stop at a park in the forest before the lake so that we could get a few portraits before they would get the “wind-swept” look. They were up for it, and loved the spot I found for them.

Once we got to the marina and the ceremony arch was in place, Captain Tyler performed the ceremony. A huge gust of wind came up and almost blew over the arch, but everyone reacted quickly and caught it before it went over!

Normally wind can be such a challenge during weddings, but nobody was complaining during the sailing portion of the day. Katie’s brother played the guitar while they had their first dance on the bow of the boat, toasts were also given by both dads, and then everyone had a nice time visiting and wandering around the boat during the cruise.

Lake Tahoe wedding photography with the bride and groom in the forestLake Tahoe sailboat wedding photographyLake Tahoe sailboat wedding photographyLake Tahoe sailboat wedding photography


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