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Camp Concord South Lake Tahoe Wedding

bride and groom at Camp Concord wedding in south lake tahoe

by Scott

I have been photographing weddings around Lake Tahoe for over 20 years, but this was a first for me at Camp Concord in South Lake Tahoe near Fallen Leaf Lake. Lots of Bay Area organizations have private clubs around Fallen Leaf Lake. Stanford Camp, Camp Concord, there’s a few more, but I always thought they were private, that is until our break-all-norms Burning Man couple needed a place near Lake Tahoe where they could have a wedding, camp out with friends, make noise and generally be themselves. It turns out they stumbled upon Camp Concord while looking around the lake and were surprised to find that they could rent the whole camp out for the weekend. What a weekend it was. It had everything, rain, snow, sun, flowers, costumes and some of the best cocktails I have seen in ages. You know what they say, a group that camps together stays together. Maybe Monique will run into them at Burning Man this year….

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