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Topaz Resort wedding photography for Crystal and Chris

Topaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, DIY wedding

By Monique

Crystal and Chris’s Topaz Resort wedding at the end of June was an off the beaten path, DIY, fun filled wedding gathering at a fairly new wedding venue located on the shores of Topaz Lake. Topaz Lake is located a little bit south east of Lake Tahoe, but with literally 1/10th the crowds that Tahoe has during the busy summer months. With similar water sport  and fishing opportunities, this is a great place to consider if you want a place where a lot of your wedding party and family and friends can stay on site. This venue has a main lodge where the bride’s getting ready room is located along with upstairs and downstairs indoor/ outdoor patios for the reception and dancing. Their ceremony was held on the lawn overlooking the lake. And there is a cute fishing themed cabin for the groom and groomsmen to get ready in. Guests can stay in the different buildings, and there is a large area for camping, either in tents or trailers, RVs or vans. The cottonwood trees provided shade and the occasional massive white fluffy seed drifts that actually look like snow in some of my images!

Crystal comes from a family of catamaran sailors and boaters, so they brought their boats to the lake for the weekend, and they were set up next to the reception site for some of their sunset portraits.

A liquid nitrogen ice cream vintage horse trailer bar served dessert instead of the traditional cake, and when people placed their order, they watched as the owner Terry poured the liquid nitrogen in with the ingredients creating a waterfall of nitrogen smoke. Check them out here:

Derek, owner of Lake DJ , had the dance floor completely packed all night.

If you are looking for a great off the beaten path wedding venue that still has a lake and can accommodate a lot of people for the weekend, check out The Topaz Resort !



Topaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, DIY weddingTopaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, DIY weddingTopaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, DIY weddingNitro Ice Cream mobile barTopaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, DIY wedding, sailboat with bride and groomTopaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz LakeTopaz Resort wedding photography, Topaz Lake, bride and groom on boat

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