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Winters Creek Lodge Wedding for Tommy and Katherine

bride and groom at sunset
by Scott and Monique

Katherine and Tommy are a wonderful Reno couple that had us photograph their wedding at Winters Creek Lodge up at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe last month. We have an amazing track record for sunsets at Mt. Rose and despite the high winds during the wedding ceremony, the lenticular cloud gods smiled upon us with some amazing sunset color. This wedding at Winters Creek Lodge was so much fun to photograph. We have done many Jewish wedding ceremonies over the years, but this was the first time we really got to see the “shtick” in all its comedic glory. Most of the decorations were DYI, with family and friends helping to set up in the morning. The groom is an expert at 3-D printing and printed the table decorations including replicas of their two cats, right down to the coloring. The bride, who is super smart, created custom math problems of various complexities for people to solve to find out what table they were seated at. I’ve never seen so many adult faces with expressions of total confusion as I did watching them try to solve their equations. Fortunately an answer key was readily available or many might still be waiting to eat. It was great getting to photograph back at Winters Creek lodge for a wedding ceremony. We haven’t been there since before COVID, but we do have 2 large canvas prints hanging in the lodge from previous year’s amazing sunset weddings there. Check them out next time you make it up there.


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