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Resort at Squaw Creek wedding photography for Cynthia and Ian

By Monique

Cynthia and Ian were married at the Resort at Squaw Creek in the fall. The golden Aspen leaves in the Tahoe mountains during this time of year provided the perfect backdrop for their bright yellow and navy blue color palette. They  saw each other before the ceremony for their portrait session, which gave us the chance to wander around the resort for some different backgrounds. Thunder clouds hovered over head during the ceremony on the spa deck, but they continued as planned. The few sprinkles that fell were soft and brief, and didn’t interfere with the intimate, light hearted spirit of the day. The quality of light during this time of year is pretty magical, the sun is lower in the sky, and there is an overall golden softness to the outdoor images.

Ian and Cynthia meet each other before the ceremony.




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