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Northstar at Tahoe wedding for Jane and Allan

By Monique

Jane and Allan were married at Northstar at Tahoe at the end of June. I met up with Jane and her girls at her suite at One Village Place in the village for some getting ready candids. I had never met them before the wedding day, but we instantly hit it off, Jane and Allan are fellow San Jose State alumni. They had their “first look” in the condo with the wedding party looking on. I took the whole wedding party all around the Village at Northstar for some fun photos, including some images I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, but never had the time budgeted in to the day (A plus for seeing each other before the ceremony is building in enough time for a few different portrait session locations!) …. in The Chocolate Bar, where there is a great black and white mural with red tables and silver ottomans. Jane and Allan had an impromptu first dance on the roller skating rink (the ice rink in the winter) while the live band played their song, prompting one of the bridesmaids to burst into tears of happiness for the couple. After we walked all around the village, we stopped at an aspen grove along the golf course for more wedding party pics. The ceremony was held next to the golf course at the Martis Valley Grillle, and the small reception was held on the deck overlooking part of the golf course, in line with the setting sun. The guests had a great time putting on silly hats and props for the Reno Photobooth photos. Just before I was ready to leave, and right as the sun was setting, the wedding party and some of the guests took a few buckets of balls out to the driving range, which made for a few more great candids. This wedding was awesome, I really love the images I got, and the people I met!

A wider lens and different angle gives this wedding party photo a completely different look than the previous image. It’s nice to have both of my camera’s on me at all times, so I can quickly capture the scene with different perspectives.

Their signature cocktail was a blackberry mohito, yummy!

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