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Lake Tahoe Engagement photography for Kristin and Dirk

Kristin and Dirk chose Monique and I to photograph their South Lake Tahoe wedding this coming July. Prior to that, we wanted to work in an engagement shoot for them to have some nice save the date photographs. The only day we had to work with was supposed to be cold and snowy but as luck would have it, the sun came out and left us with cool clouds in the sky and a few inches of fresh snow to play around with. Fortunately, this couple likes to play and was game for anything, even snowball fights and tromping through the woods in thigh-high snow drifts. The fun they were having shows in the photos, and we had fun making them and can’t wait to shoot the wedding.

Kristin and Dirk at the start of our photo shoot under a pier in South Lake Tahoe

One of my favorite shots with the frozen lake tahoe

A nice quiet photograph on the pier we had all to ourselves in south shore

After the pier we moved to an equally abandoned Zephyr cove and almost got our car stuck in the snow

Another of my favorite shots

Towards the end of the shoot things started getting interesting

Finally Kristin put a stop to the snowball fight by tackling Dirk

And we finished the day up with some snow angels and a great view of the lake

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