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Gar Woods wedding for Molly and Grant

By Monique

Molly and Grant were married at Gar Woods on the shores of Lake Tahoe at the end of June. They decided to see each other before the ceremony so they would have more time built in to the day for their portrait session. We started at Grant’s family home in Incline Village, and then moved to the beach and pier at Gar Woods.

Grant and Molly see each other before the ceremony at his parents home in Incline Village.

The pier at Gar Woods

The wild lupines at the end of June

Grant waits for Molly to walk down the aisle

Molly’s Uncle Ray walks her down the aisle for the ceremony.

Snow covered Mt. Tallac in the background on June 26.

Molly’s father, who passed away before the wedding, gave them this bottle of wine for their wedding. They had a ceremonial wine tasting with a few people on the pier before going upstairs to the reception.

A toast is given to Molly’s father on the pier.

Molly and Grant pour a little of the wine into Lake Tahoe.

Detail shots of the reception room at Gar Woods.

Grant and Molly share a toast with each table.

Molly gets a hug from one of the flower girls.

The first dance

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