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Esalen wedding for Kathy and Bryan

By Monique

I recently went to the Esalen Institute on the Big Sur Coast for a week long yoga retreat with a few of my favorite yoga teachers, Janet Stone and Saul David Raye. I somehow managed to squeeze this fun week of yoga, hot springs, kirtan and amazing food in between 2 weddings, driving from Reno all the way to the coast in one day, and back again in one day. I told myself that I was going to leave my camera at home and just enjoy the yoga and Big Sur, but at the last minute before we left on Sunday morning at 6 a.m., something told me to bring a camera and one lens, just in case I wanted it. After all, the scenery there is amazing, and I just knew that if I didn’t bring it, I would be kicking myself in the behind. And sure enough, I am so happy that I did bring a camera because it turned out that there would be a wedding ceremony at Esalen while I was there. Two of the other workshop attendees, Kathy and Bryan, were having a small ceremony on the lawn over looking the Pacific Ocean, and anyone attending the workshop was invited to celebrate. I found them that afternoon at lunch, and told them I am a wedding photographer, and I would love to document their ceremony for them. They happily accepted my offer, and it was a true honor to be a part of it. Saul performed the ceremony. One of the kirtan band members played the harp. A flock of pelicans flew overhead during the ceremony. It was a magical experience.

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