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Emerald Bay wedding photography for Theresa and Brian

By Monique

Theresa and Brian eloped at Emerald Bay on New Year’s Eve. What an absolutely wonderful wedding and couple to finish off our 2011 season! When Theresa first contacted me about their plans to get married in South Lake Tahoe on New Year’s Eve, I told her I was up for the adventure and detailed the possible hurdles they would have with planning a wedding …. in South Shore …. on New Year’s Eve: For some reason, there are usually huge snow storms during the holidays. On the previous New Year’s Eve, we were back country skiing in a few feet of powder off of Incline Peak, with snow falling all night into New Year’s Day. So that was the first warning I gave to her, as the ceremony was planned for Emerald Bay, the possibility that we wouldn’t even be able to get up to Emerald Bay. So a few back up locations were suggested. And then there is the south shore traffic on New Years. The main street next to the casinos, hwy 50, is closed off for the celebration in the evening, with the potential for grid lock cars streaming in all day. Wow, this all sounds so ominous, like I was actually discouraging her from her plans. But she was an absolute adventurer, and was up for whatever the day brought! Well, as it turned out, the snow levels at Tahoe this winter were low, so we ended up with a beautiful sunny day. We all would have wanted more snow on the peaks, but the lake views at Emerald Bay and Timber Cove made up for the lack of snow. And the wedding was early enough in the day that we didn’t get stuck in any traffic on our way back to Montbleu. With a stop at the pier at Timber Cove for sunset shots, the day was so fun! It is an absolute honor to be a part of an intimate wedding like this.

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