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Stanford engagement session for Elia and Henry

Stanford University engagement session photography

By Monique

I met up with Elia and Henry at the Stanford University Campus for their engagement session last spring. The couple met there and had a few locations in mind for some of their photos. One being th Memorial Church, and another was their graduating class tiles in the walkway near the main quad. I got there early to scout some other spots since I had not been to the Stanford campus for a very long time. I found some beautiful blooming magnolia tress and when I told Elia about them, she said she loved magnolias and the pink colors of the blooms. So we spent a good portion of our time in that area. The architecture of the archways and buildings at Stanford are so beautiful, I had so much fun with them!

Stanford University engagement session photography with the couple standing in from of the famous Stanford Memorial ChurchStanford University engagement session photographyStanford University engagement session photography with a blooming Magnolia tree

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