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About our Wedding Photography Style

Let us start out by saying that we simply love photographing Lake Tahoe weddings using our backgrounds as photojournalists to tell the stories of each unique couple on their wedding day. (Head on over to our individual bio pages to get the details about each of our photojournalism careers before we became wedding photographers.) Because we both come from the newspaper industry, we like to describe our overall style as documentary wedding photojournalism. The wedding day is usually a fast paced whirl wind that starts with the getting ready candids and ends with the dance floor or grand exit, and we each approach the day with one very important goal: to tell the story of the day through our photographs.

Because we want you to truly experience the day with each other and your family and friends, we really do try to stick to the old photojournalistic adage, “be a fly on the wall.” Other than during the portrait sessions, you really don’t hear a lot from us …. the term these days is “direction,” meaning telling you what to do, telling you to do something over again, or telling you to stop what you are doing and look at the camera. Again, our backgrounds as photojournalists really have given us almost a sixth sense to anticipate and move quickly to be at the right place to capture the genuine moments happening through out the day without interfering with your experience. We each carry two cameras on us at all times which also goes back to the way we worked in the field, being able to quickly access either a longer lens or a wider lens in any given moment without fumbling around to continually change lenses on a single camera. We also each wear a kinda dorky looking waist pack with several other lenses and lighting equipment, all immediately accessible throughout the day.

Sometimes people ask us if we do family portraits. The answer is of course yes, and we value creating those images for our couples. We don’t post a ton of posed family photos on our website and blog, but we understand that family portraits are an important part of the day. We also realize that our website and blog are showing you the best of the best from each wedding, so if you ever want to see a few complete wedding galleries, we are more than happy to share gallery links and passwords with you. In these galleries you will see all of the finished images that we deliver to each couple.

And one more note on a slightly different aspect of our style is the style in which we deliver your wedding photographs. We have always felt strongly about providing photographic prints with our packages, and have been doing this for our couples since day one of this business  (shooting film!) back in 2002. Along with your complete set of digital images and online gallery, we also include a set of our favorite “photographer’s select” images printed as 4×6 photographs, delivered in a presentation box. This really adds to the experience of seeing your wedding photographs as a story, printed on photographic paper that you can hold in your hands. We have been told by so many of our couples that when they open the box of prints the emotion of the day all comes rushing back and that they truly value these prints.

We also offer several styles and sizes of coffee table albums that can be added to any collection.

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Lake Tahoe wedding photographyLake Tahoe wedding photographyLake Tahoe wedding photography


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