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Lake Tahoe Winter Wedding Photography

by Scott and Monique

Summer is definitely the busy wedding season here in Lake Tahoe. The warm days and nights, the idyllic lake, lounging around on the beach, tons of stuff for guests to do, but don’t forget the crowded beaches and traffic-clogged streets either. No big deal, just part of summer at the lake. That is probably why the weddings drop through the floor come the end of October. But weddings should reflect the tastes of the couple, not just what is expected of you. So do you love winter? Do you love to ski, snowboard, ride the back-country? Then you should take advantage of the winter wedding lull to plan your dream event. We here at Photography by Monique love winter. We both are expert skiers. Scott has contracts with several local ski resorts to do their advertising photography during the winter and knows his way around just about everywhere. Scott is also a ski racer and expert mountaineer and loves to shoot on top of mountains or on the slopes. We also generally maintain passes at all the local resorts for our various advertising shoots, so no need to tack on several hundred dollars to cover lift tickets for your photographer. In addition to simply loving to shoot in winter, most local venues and vendors have lower off-season prices to take advantage of. Could you get caught in a snowstorm? Yes. Can you still make pictures? Of course. So if winter is your thing, don’t follow the herd migrating to the lake each weekend in the summer. Let Photography by Monique help you document your perfect winter wedding.


Skiing couple at squaw valley

Bride on slopes at Squaw Valley

Bride and groom on lift with Lake Tahoe

High camp wedding and a quick ride down mountain run in a snowstorm.

It was snowing so hard and so windy during this Squaw Valley winter wedding that all the lifts were closed. We made some fun pictures anyhow.

Monique on the left and me on the right after trying to head out into a full-blown winter storm at Squaw Valley only to find all the lifts shut down. So we made some fun pictures at the base of the funitel, then went back to the reception.

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