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Fall Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding for Betsy and Marcus

by Scott Sady

Betsy and Marcus got married at Edgewood Golf and Country club in beautiful South Lake Tahoe in the middle of September. During the shoulder season, as we call it, you never know what mother nature is going to throw at you in the mountains. The day started off warm and sunny, then proceeded to high winds and thunderstorms just before the wedding. Then, literally right as Betsy started down the isle, the sun came out. Then it rained some more, then we got the most amazing rainbow and sunset. All in all, the perfect wedding day.

Betsy putting the finishing touches on her hair and makeup.

Marcus gets some visitors while doing his pictures before the ceremony.

Their ceremony was on the north room deck.

wedding party

They had a large wedding party which made for some fun compositions.

infrared wedding photography

I shot a quick couple of pictures with a Nikon D300 I had converted to shoot in the infra-red spectrum

After a brief thunderstorm, we went back out at sunset for some amazing light.

bride and groom with rainbow

Did I mention amazing light? I forgot to add rainbows. Don’t ever be afraid of a prediction for rain or snow on your wedding day, my favorite pictures almost always come from situations like that.

vertical bride and groom with rainbow

bride and groom at sunset

We thought the sky would light up red, but it didn’t. However I really like the deep blue of a post-sunset sky. In this case I lit Betsy and Marcus with an off-camera strobe light, snooted to focus the beam of light only on them.

wedding detail shots

The grooms brother making a toast. Or was it a roast…..

Here you see an overview of the north room at Edgewood during the toasts.

bride and groom first dance

First dance

Brett the DJ had folks dancing the whole time.

Group shots.

The groomsmen finished off the night with a round of cigars.


DJ: Brett with Platinum DJ

Coordinator: Kerry Hawk with Blue Sky


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