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Snowy May wedding at the Twenty Mile House

by Scott

You all know the old adage, “When life hands you lemons….”

Ashley had been dreaming of a sunny spring wedding for quite some time, the flowers blooming, the guests enjoying themselves outdoors on the perfectly manicured lawn, first dance under the twinkle lights as the sun set. But mother nature had a different plan for the day. First came the wind. Then the rain. Then the heavy rain. Even 15 minutes before the ceremony Ashley still held out hope for an outdoor ceremony but as the rain turned to snow and the temperatures dropped and peoples breath became visible with each cold exhale, she came to a crucial decision point that would shape the entire day.

You spend a long time planning your wedding. You do your best, hire the best vendors, pick the perfect location, plan all the details, but once it is time for you to get on that dress and turn your fiance into your husband, there is nothing more you can do. You wind it up, now it is time to let it go where it will. That is the secret to a great day. I think Ashley and Dustin had the time of their lives at their wedding because instead of stressing over all the things that weren’t going as planned, they reached that crucial point and then embraced the day they were dealt with all their heart. The ceremony location changed and an impromptu marriage was held in the living room of the lodge. The tables were moved from the lawn into the general store and by God, the bride and the groom were going to have their pictures out in the rain and snow! We got wet. We dried off. We got cold, we warmed up. One of my flashes shorted out…..well, I had a spare. It was worth it because this is going to be one of those “Remember when…” weddings years from now, and since rain was a big player in the day, we went out of our way to make it a strong element in many of the pictures. It just proved to me, how much fun you have, not just at your wedding, but in life, all boils down to your perception. If you define something as fun, it is!! Enjoy, and thanks you guys for reminding me of this important lesson.

getting ready

Getting the hair and makeup done in one of the 20 Mile House cabins.

bride in dress at window

Ashley watches the rain fall from the upstairs window at the 20 Mile House.

indoow wedding at 20 mile house

After making a last minute decision to move the wedding inside because of the rain, Ashley comes down from upstairs with her dad waiting at the foot of the steps and the groomsmen reflected in the mirror.

The impromptu indoor ceremony went off great.

After the ceremony, Ashley and Dustin ran into the back hallway for a little private celebration.

bride and groom on train tracks

Just outside of the 20 mile house runs some nice long, straight train tracks. Ashley and Dustin really wanted to do some pictures out on the tracks and in the trees despite the rain. Personally, I think the atmospheric texture made the pictures even better.

bride over stream at 20 mile house

Ashley and Dustin both seemed to enjoy playing in the rain for their pictures after the ceremony. I’m glad they did as I had a ton of fun shooting the whole portriat session in a downpour.

The couples dogs got a little wild at one point.

Some of our last portraits before fleeing inside for the reception really tried to empasise the rain. The rain really was the story of the day, so we tried to make it our own!

wedding couple in the rain

couple in the rain at 20 mile house

I love Ashley’s expression in this rainy frame from their 20 mile house wedding.

Dustin shares a moment with his new father-in-law.

And shares a cigar with his dad.

There were some nice, emotional toasts going on.

Couple dancing at 20 mile house

Couple dancing at 20 mile house wedding

Even though it was too rainy for everyone to dance outside, Ashley and Dustin did a quick first dance, then jumped off the stage.

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