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Round Hill Pines beach wedding at Lake Tahoe for Tara and Ty

By Monique

Tara and Ty were married at Round Hill Pines in South Lake Tahoe last August. They live in Colorado, but Tara grew up in South Lake Tahoe, so the wedding was a great gathering of local friends and family from all over. The girls got ready at the Embassy Suites at Stateline. The ceremony was on the beach, and the reception was on the tented patio next to the pier.

The ceremony site on the beach at Round Hill Pines in South Lake Tahoe

Tara made the purple flower garter she wore for her wedding.

It was a bit windy, waves crash against the boulders at Round Hill Pines

Tara and Ty are sailors, so I decided to do a detail shot of the cables on the dock with them kissing in the background.

Flat round stones with every guest’s name printed on them were given out at the reception and they all went to the shore just after the sun set to make a wish for the couple and skip them into the lake. YES, I am IN the lake, with my pants rolled up above my knees for this shot.

The wedding party at the Rum Bar at Round Hill Pines Beach

Tara’s aunt and uncle’s anniversary was on their wedding day, so they were invited to cut their own cake. As they started to do the traditional feeding each other a piece of cake thing, Tara’s aunt popped her piece in her own mouth instead of feeding it to her husband.

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