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Reno wedding at Wolf Run for Laura and Iain

By Monique

Laura and Iain were married at the Wolf Run Golf Club in June. I met them last year when we all shared the same camp at Burning Man. We had a fun time out there, and all got along great. They had actually already been in the planning stages for their wedding and had hired a different photographer at that point. But 2 weeks before their wedding, they found out that their photographer had double booked their date! I was luckily available, and happy to step in. There were so many great moments during their wedding. Their dogs, Dexter and Logan were the ring bearers, but were a little excited by the marmots on the golf course, so the flower girls had an interesting time getting them down the aisle. Laura and Iain did one of the best dances I have ever seen at a wedding! Sure, they started out with a nice regular slow dance, but then they busted out some super fun choreographed moves to a mash up of some classic songs. Laura had a lot of her family come from Spain, and they did a really fun Spanish dance done at many celebrations called the paquito chocolatoro. And the sunset that evening was one of those amazing light shows where the whole sky lights up a fiery pink. Congrats Laura and Iain!

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