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Let this be your space to get ideas from others. Here we will focus on the flowers, the clothing, the decorations, and the cool and unique ideas that we have seen at Lake Tahoe weddings over the years. Hopefully you will find some inspiration for your wedding here!

Bouquets and boutonnieres

For your bridal bouquets and boutonnierres, consider non-traditional materials added to the flowers, or as a flower replacement. We have seen creative use of feathers, paper, wood, shotgun shells and fish hooks among other things. If there is something that is personal to your wedding story or tastes, you can incorporate these items into your bouquets and boutonnieres for a truly unique touch.


Winter and Fall weddings are less common around Lake Tahoe and can provide you and your guests with some spectacular seasonal outdoor experiences. As long as you are open and adventurous to the weather that may come along with the seasons, your wedding day will be a memorable experience. Check the weather the week before your wedding ceremony, and if you need to bring snow or rain boots, bring them for some fun photos outside “in the elements.” Brides, consider bringing a cute wrap or coat that matches your wedding dress to keep you warm outside.


We all know that at a wedding you can have your cake and eat it too! There are a lot of other yummy desserts out there that you can have with the cake, or use to replace it. If you have the big, beautiful wedding cake, then what do you top it with or set it on?


Over the years we have seen some very creative ideas for the guests to sign the "guestbook," and these days this hardly ever includes an actual book. Everything from snowboards to rocks, check out these fun ideas!

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