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Maternity photography for Lorraine in the Santa Cruz Mountains

By Monique

This post is sort of a part 1 of 3 from a recent visit I had to the Santa Cruz Mountains in June. I was there for a week visiting family and friends while Scott was still in Colorado competing in a month of freestyle kayaking events. During my visit, I went to 2 baby showers, on the same day, my friend’s zydeco band’s gig, went to the boarwalk and beach, visited with friends, and of course did several portrait sessions with my friends and family.

So this first post is from a maternity session I did with one of my dearest friend’s Lorraine in her backyard amongst the redwoods and ferns. She is due in August with a baby girl, Lily. I can’t wait to meet her!


For Lorraine’s baby shower, each person brought a special bead and gave her a blessing with the bead. Lorriane will bring these beads with her to the labor to remind her of the support and love that surrounds her, her husband Abdul, and Lily.

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