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Lake Tahoe wedding photography for Kris and Steve

By Scott Sady

Kris and Steve made the journey down from Washington with family and friends to share an intimate wedding on the beach at the Lake Tahoe Beach and Ski club. Following their ceremony, the group went to the Blue Angle Cafe for dinner and dancing. The Cafe is a small venue and weddings are hosted upstairs. But for this small group it worked out just fine. Kris and Steve chose to see each other before the wedding for some pictures. I personally think this is the best way to go if you can get over the tradition of not seeing each other until the altar. Wedding photography works out fine each way, but meeting before hand allows you to have 2-3 non-pressured hours hanging out, having fun and visiting different locations. Then you step into the whirlwind of your ceremony and reception and can be fully present in the moment. Most people, of course, still choose to wait until the altar to see each other. That still works out fine for pictures, but the pace is faster and you have all the emotions of just getting married and waiting to get to the reception riding on your shoulders. I often find people don’t even remember taking most of the pictures we do that way, but I guess that’s why I’m there. Enjoy!

lake tahoe wedding photography details

Detail shot getting ready

bride getting ready in mirror

Kris getting ready at the Tahoe Beach and Ski club in south lake tahoe

bride and groom first meeting

This is one of my favorite shots from the day. We decided to do all the portraits before the ceremony which meant brainstorming a cool “first meeting” photo.

bride with big veil

A little breeze all day pushed the veil around a bit. The groom seemed to have fun with it though.

Bride and groom playing with veil

Another one of my favorite pictures from the day.

bride and groom at logan shoals overlook

We made a few stops pre ceremony just to take pictures. This one is at Logan Shoals.

Bride and groom on granit rocks

Kris and Steve both like the outdoors and spefically asked to do some shots on big granite rocks. I love making people climb on rocks for pictures if you haven’t noticed.

bride in a field of grass at lake tahoe

I love the natural expression in this shot. Thanks to the bridesmades for keeping Kris’ attention focused on them and not me.

bride and groom in field of grass

bride and groom picture on shore of lake tahoe

The couple at a hidden cove on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Remember what I said about climbing on rocks?

wedding photo in tall trees

The ceremony took place on the beach at the Tahoe beach and ski club.

Jewish wedding ceremony photography at lake tahoe

The ceremony was a traditional Jewish ceremony under the chuppah

bride and groom walk into the sunset

Per tradition, the bride and groom take a few minutes to themselves after the ceremony

Bride and groom along the shore at sunset on Lake Tahoe

Bride and groom along the shore at sunset on Lake Tahoe

Dancing at the blue angel cafe

The night finished with dinner and dancing at the Blue Angel Cafe.

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