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Katie and Matt’s Wedding on the Truckee – Lake Tahoe estate wedding photography

Wedding photography along the Truckee River

Katie and Matt seal the deal under a shower of petals during their wedding at a private residence along the Truckee River

by Scott Sady

Katie and Matt got married in a beautiful wedding ceremony at a private residence along the Truckee River near Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe. The bride laid a giant heart of flower petals as the unofficial altar, where Walter, the owner of the Tahoe Yoga and Wellness center and a friend of the couples, acted as a wonderful officiant. Katie had one of the coolest ruffly dresses I have ever seen, and as Truckee locals, she knew to keep it short and sweet to better deal with the great outdoors. (More on that in a future post as I have had several brides with 10-15 foot veils and long trains regretting their decisions by the end of a breezy outdoor ceremony.) We wish them all the best and hope to see them on the slopes this winter.

Wedding shoes and rings detail photographs

Detail shots of the shoes and rings.

bridal photography

A glass of champagne before the ceremony

bride sticking out tounge

The officiant for the wedding turned out to be a yoga teacher friend of mine. He had some unique techniques to loosen everyone up before the ceremony.

laughing wedding guests

The ceremony ran the range of emotions.

They had a great looking group of guests. Nothing like a bride reflection and a handlebar moustache

first dance wedding photo

mother son father daughter dance

An emotional mother-son, father-daughter dance

The flower girl hardly left the brides side the whole reception

bridal portrait in the truckee river

The bride was game to rock hop out into the Truckee for a few final photographs

brides dirty shoes

A well used pair of shoes at the end of the day

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