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High Camp Squaw Valley wedding photography for Melissa and Craig

By Monique

Scott and I have a few wedding collections that include both of us as a team of professional photographers to document the complete wedding day. One of the first things we like to point out to people looking for a photographer is that we both have backgrounds as photojournalists who have working histories in the newspaper, magazine and freelance news businesses for a combined total of over 25 years. (Geeze, that makes us sound old! But when you get into the business during college and maintain that career well into your 30’s, that’s where the number comes from!) So you are getting two career photographers who know the gear, the lighting, the venues, and are able to react quickly and effortlessly to capture those meaningful moments that may even pass by so fast during the blur of your wedding, that you don’t even remember they happened until you see the images. While we have a similar history as photojournalists, we each have cultivated our own style.  Scott tends to like dramatically lit images and tries to get that look with many of his portraits by utilizing his portable studio lighting equipment, while I tend to like the look of the softer, lighter, natural light images and try to find this type of light for my portraits.  For this post, I decided to show you some images from the portrait session of the bride and groom from each of us, done almost at the same time, to give you an idea of how we work together to get different, unique images. Another thing I thought I’d do differently with this post is include several of Scott’s images from the guys “getting ready” part of the day instead of the bride’s getting ready images. Usually this is just a bit of the getting ready part, and then Scott likes to takes the guys somewhere to hang out, in this case for this Squaw Valley wedding, they went to the Irish pub the Auld Dubliner in the village for a pre ceremony drink.

Melissa and Craig’s High Camp Squaw Valley wedding

So now on to a few ceremony images, shot at almost the same time, but by each of us from a different vantage point.

The portrait session for Melissa and Craig was done in the fields next to High Camp with the golden light of the sunset washing over the scene. Again, most of the images posted show you almost the same moment, but from Scott’s perspective and mine. We started with the walk along the rocky path to get to the middle of the field of dried end-of-the-summer mules ear wild flowers. I was all about that golden wash of back lighting, so we started with these images because the sun was low in the sky, getting closer to going behind the ridge. Then, Scott saw this great dark slate-like ridge of rock with the bluest of blue sky as the background, so we moved a bit higher up the hill to where Scott had some ideas in his mind for some more portraits.

This is what I saw here:

And this is what Scott saw:

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