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Emerald Bay engagement shoot with Brad and Lori

by Scott


Brad and Lori got a hold of me several weeks ago about photographing their engagement pictures around Lake Tahoe. They live half-way across the country and were not  sure where they wanted to go, other than at Lake Tahoe somewhere. In an email Brad innocently asked if they could do any yoga poses in some of the pictures. So after a brief conversation where I found out they liked rock climbing and hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities, I asked them if they were willing to scramble a little to get some good pictures. Without hesitating they replied, “Whatever you want.” My kind of couple! I’ve been wanting to photograph someone at the lower section of Lower Eagle falls for a while now. I have taken couples to the lip, or one of the easier spots to reach a few times before, but I really wanted a wall of silky water in the background for some of the pictures. So thanks Lori and Brad for playing along. Here are just a few of the images we made.

Brad teaches yoga and this was one of the ideas that they came up with for a picture. It’s always nice when the couple has some ideas of their own that they want to do.

I had shot at Lower Eagle Falls in Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe a few times, but the shot I really wanted required a semi-challenging hike down to near the bottom. When I suggested it would be worth it to pick our way down, they didn’t even blink.

This is one of my favorite images from the take. For each of the waterfall images, Lori and Brad had to stay perfectly still for about 1/4 second in order to get the effect I wanted with the water. Easier said than done.

Our final picture of the night was an idea I had where I wanted them at the mouth of this culvert, and I would place a light deep inside and backlight them as twilight fell. Well, I scouted everything out, except walking as far back into the tunnel as I wanted to set my lights. Needless to say, it went from knee deep to over my waist just inside the tunnel. Oh well, it was time to upgrade the iphone anyhow….

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