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Edgewood Lake Tahoe wedding for Kerrie and Jesse

by Scott Sady


Kerrie and Jesse hired Scott to shoot their wedding at Edgewood Golf and Country Club in South Lake Tahoe at the end of July. This great couple couldn’t stop laughing the whole time and their joy was infectious both in their guests and wedding party, and in me. Their outdoors ceremony on the deck went off without a hitch, then a strong thunderstorm passed overhead just as guests were sitting down to eat, dumping rain and clearing the golf course. Somewhere around the end of the meal, I went outside to see what things looked like and the clouds started to part as the rain died down leaving a deep rainbow over the mountains behind the course. Knowing how fleeting rainbows can be, I mustered my best, “you’ll regret it if you don’t come with me right now,” speech and ran inside to try and convince Kerrie and Jess to drop dinner and run out in the rain with me for some rainbow pictures. The word “rainbow” had barely left my mouth when they dropped their silverware in mid-bite, and started outside. They loved the weather, playing with the wind and the rain while I was furiously framing rainbow shots before it vanished and were rewarded with some great photographs near the end of their night. Actually I can’t take much credit for this, it would have been nearly impossible to make a bad picture of these guys. Thanks!

high jumping flower girlFirst look at bride

Kerrie and Jesse had some sparklers for their send-off. We took a few outside for some long-exposure experimentation.

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