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Cedar House Sport Hotel wedding in Truckee for Becky and Kyle

by Scott Sady

Becky and Kyle got married on the shores of beautiful Donner Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains above Truckee and held their reception at the always spot-on Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA. Once again, Cedar House owner and wedding coordinator Patty went above and beyond in creating custom desserts and an amazing dinner for all the guests. I also have to give credit to the groom, Kyle, whose deep interest in photography led him not only to choose me to shoot the wedding, but to actually out-scout me and find the one early-turning patch of fall aspen trees in Truckee. The spot shall be kept secret, but you can see the images in the post. Remember this was the warmest fall on record and when this wedding was shot on October 6, it was still in the 80’s.  Plus a great location and a couple willing to spend a little extra time for memorable photographs makes my job so much easier.  Thanks again guys!

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