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Buffalo Plaid lumberjack themed same sex wedding photography for Lynn and Josh

Lake Tahoe gay wedding, same sex wedding, buffalo plaid theme, bears, Lynn and Josh

By Monique

Lynn and Josh were married on a mid August early afternoon at the Tahoe Paradise Park in South Lake Tahoe. I met them for the first time on their wedding day at their cabin where they shared their getting ready space and helped each other with their bow ties and cufflinks. They also had a champagne toast, and we did a few portraits of them on their ski lift chair and with their adorable dogs before heading to the park for their ceremony under a massive cedar tree. They arrived together to the ceremony in their Jeep, and casually walked through their guests hand in hand to the shade of the tree where they exchanged their vows.

The main decorative theme of their wedding was the buffalo plaid pattern with a lumberjack vibe …. which was an extension of many of the elements that their cozy cabin also exhibits. Lynn is a carpenter, and he hand made their wooden cuff links, as well as all of the table decor wood rounds. Oh yeah, and did I mention that bears were one of their themes … literally and figuratively of course!

Most of their guests also wore some sort of plaid pattern. Espresso Martini’s were their signature drink, and they looked delicious! They also had a DIY photo booth corner set up next to the dance floor with a ton of fun cutouts to pose with for cell phone photos.

My absolute favorite detail from their wedding was the cake made by Happy Tiers Bakery. It was so tall, the first layer alone must have been a foot tall! It had a fondant lumberjack axe, their initials, J + L, as if they were carved in a tree, and a cute fondant fly agaric toadstool. But what most impressed me about this cake design is what was on the inside! Scroll to the very end to see the last image!

They had their first dance on the lawn with the lake in the background, and then danced with their moms on the dance floor. Once the dance floor opened up, the guests had fun with the photo booth props. Everyone really kept wanting to pose for me with the props … while I usually encourage people to ” just keep dancing” and not pose, I captured some fun posed dance floor images! Congrats Lynn and Josh, and I hope you guys are getting to enjoy this epic snow year at your amazing cabin!

Lake Tahoe gay wedding, same sex wedding, buffalo plaid theme, bears, Lynn and Josh

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